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In Which We Have Army Talk, Mole-man Soap, and Leaden Wine Barrels – For the Elves! VII

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Note: It was raining hard at Tony's place and it was a bit before we figured out what it was. At about 10:00 into the episode we correct it. Show Notes: 0:05 Intro1:00 Getting Value from Caravans5:10 Commentary on Training Your Military21:41 Making Pewter Products to Market to Elves24:45 Dealing With Werellamas30:51 Dwarf Fortress Productivity Management34:00 Dev Notes37:10 State of the Fortresses41:33 Tip of the day : Go To a Lever With <Ctrl><M>42:12 Wrap Up and Shout Out About Avarice RPG Links: Avarice by C. Steven RossScenario Generator for DFFischer Price ToysBlueKnightBrownHorse TutorialsIncompetechBay12 Games -- Please Donate!Featured Picture Attribution
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